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Page last updated 24 February 2016

Birthday parties

Grendon offers tailored birthday party packages to ensure a special day is had by all.


Our unique parties are available any day of the week, including weekends and school holidays.

People aged from 6 to adults can take part in all of our activities.

As a guide one activity option is provided per 8-12 people.

Parties can include your chosen activities, use of a room for you to host your party in and a buffet lunch or tea.

Room hire for parties

If you are interested in hiring Grendon to host your party we have packages available for room hire and catering, with or without activities.

The room hire package can be tailor-made to the needs of each individual. Contact us to find out more.

Party packages

Package Cost What is included
Half-day birthday party package

£19.50 per head

(minimum eight people)

  • Room rental
  • Two activity sessions (lasting approximately 1.25 hours each)
  • Sandwich Lunch
Full day birthday party package

£35.50 per head

(minimum eight people)

  • Room rental
  • Four activity sessions(lasting approximately 1.25 hours each)
  • Sandwich Lunch
Half-day activity session

£14.50 per head

(minimum eight people)

Two activity sessions (lasting approximately 1.25 hours each)

Full day activity session

£29 per head

(minimum eight people)

Four activity sessions (lasting approximately 1.25 hours each)

Dedicated party co-coordinators will talk you through programmes, costs and your tailored activity programme.

All activities are subject to weather and availability. Paddle sports require a double session.

Your chosen activity will be led by an experienced and qualified activity instructor. If you’re booking a birthday party for a child we ask that at least one adult accompanies the instructor per 10 children.

Party menu

If you have chosen a birthday party package we will provide your party food. The food will be prepared on site using fresh ingredients:

  • Sandwiches - chicken, egg and cress on wholemeal bread
  • Carrot sticks and low fat dip
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Chicken and vegetarian Satay
  • Baked crisps
  • Fairy cakes
  • Fresh fruit bowl
  • Orange or apple juice

How to book

We require a £5 deposit per person at the time of booking your party. We will process a letterhead invoice at the end of the month your party was held in for the remaining balance.

  1. Decide on a party date
  2. Decide what type of booking you would like, eg Half day birthday party package
  3. Decide on a morning or afternoon session
  4. Make your activity choices
  5. Contact Grendon to discuss your booking and check availability.
  6. Make a provisional booking. Your booking details, a booking form, parental consent form and terms and conditions will be sent to you.
  7. Complete the booking form and send in with a deposit of £5.00 per person to secure your party.
  8. Once we have received your booking form we will send you a confirmation of your booking.

Party details


What happens if any of the children can’t make it?

You will still need to pay for a minimum of eight children. Remember you can always invite last minute friends.

Bad weather

If the weather is due to be wet or cold don’t worry! We can usually still go out as long as the group have plenty of layers on. Alternatively, if the weather is extremely bad (high winds or lightning) we can arrange an alternative date.

Clothing and health requirements

It is expected that people attending the party will be in good health. It is your responsibility to notify us of any medical complaint or medical history suffered by any person attending the party.

We recommend that you wear old weather appropriate clothing and trainers or wellies. Please bring a change of clothes, including shoes and underwear, showering items including a towel and a bin liner for after your activities.

Where do the activities take place?

The Grendon Outdoor Learning Centre is surrounded by lovely grounds. Most of our activities take place in our activity spinney. Canoeing and kayaking take place at a local river, with transport included in the costs.

Should we arrive early for the party?

You need to ensure your group arrives in time for your booking to start promptly at the agreed time. Sessions will not run over if any of your party are late arriving. You will need to meet your activity instructor at our meeting point, which is the large oak tree next to the main office at the end of our drive.

What happens after the activity?

If you have booked a birthday party package when the activity is finished you will go back to your party room where you will be able to eat your buffet. You may wish to bring additional drinks for your adults.

Do we need to bring crockery and cutlery?

For all three of our birthday packages we will provide plain crockery and cutlery. If you want to have a ‘themed’ birthday tea such as pirates or mermaids you will need to bring your own.

What happens after the party – do we need to clear up?

We ask that you leave the room tidy and clean with all food and any rubbish cleared away. Brushes and cleaning equipment will be available for you to use if required.

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