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Listen to this site

How can you listen to this site?

You can listen to the contents of this website being read aloud to you by using the widget on the web pages. This is what the Browsealoud widget looks like:

 Browsealoud logo

To activate Browsealoud, click on the widget. This will open at the top right hand side of the page displaying different options.

You can move the navigation bar by selecting the arrows and dragging the bar to where you would like it.

To listen to all of the content on the webpage, select hover mode.

This will automatically play the content on the page that you are on and any text which you hover over.

Hover mode

To listen to a selected piece of text, select speak mode. This will play only the piece of text that you have selected.

Highlight the piece of text that you’d like to hear and then press play.

Text selection mode

Further options:

Listening to text in another language

To listen to text in another language, select the world button on the navigation bar, which will make a drop down menu appear.

Select the language that you’d like the page to be translated in to and the text will then show in the language you selected.

Translate mode

Creating an MP3 file

Select the text that you’d like to convert into an MP3 file.

Press the MP3 button, name the MP3 file and then select ‘generate’.

Convert to MP3 icon

You will then get the option to open or save the MP3 file.

Screen mask

The screen mask option allows you to focus on individual paragraphs by greying out the remaining text on the screen.

To do this, select the screen mask option on the navigation bar and hover over the section of the page you’d like to focus on. The screen mask will move with your mouse.

Screen mask example

Magnifying text

Select the piece of text that you’d like to magnify, select the magnify button and then press play.
The text will appear at the top of the screen and will be read out to you.

Simplifying the page

The simplifier option removes anything but the text from the page.

Simplifying mode

You can change the colour theme and text size of the simplified page by selecting the options at the top of the page. You can also print the page in simplified mode by selecting the print option.

 Change theme and text bar

Changing the Browsealoud settings

Select the settings cog.

Settings icon

This will allow you to change multiple settings of your Browsealoud such as the text highlight theme colour and the voice speed.

Further support

For further help and support on how to use Browsealoud, visit the help page on their website.

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