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Asset register

What is the asset register?

As part of our pledge to being an open, accountable and transparent local authority, we are releasing a register of the majority of our operational assets. The asset register will be reviewed quarterly to make sure it is up to date.

Why are some of the council's assets not on the register?

The register is not exhaustive because, as with our publication of spending over £500, we are committed to protecting our most vulnerable customers.

In light of this, certain operational properties which house or support these customers have been omitted from the register.

We feel this is an essential step in ensuring the wellbeing of those customers that we need to help when they cannot help themselves.

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Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer is the process whereby land or buildings in the County Council's ownership are transferred into the management and/or ownership of community organisations at below market value.

Managing and taking charge of these facilities helps to empower local communities and can bring opportunities for them to gain greater independence and financial sustainability.

Community Asset Transfer reflects our commitments to opening up our business to our residents, and to using our assets to form long term partnerships with suitable voluntary organisations in order to create stronger and more cohesive communities.

More information on how to register an interest in the transfer of an asset can be found at:

Interactive mapping

On our interactive mapping service you can view maps and overlay the locations of schools, libraries, waste recycling centres, salting routes, bus stops and many other types of amenities throughout Northamptonshire.

You can find the area that you are interested in by entering a place, i.e. a town or village, a street or a postcode:

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