Page last updated 18 September 2014
A school closed due to heavy snowfall 

School Closures

How do I find out if a school is closed?


Check online

We have provided 3 online options below for you to use; they will all provide exactly the same information. If the number of people already using option 1 is over a certain amount then you may find that the link will not open for you, if that happens then try Option 2 and then Option 3.

Please note
It is not always possible to display closure information on the website. In those circumstances schools will then ensure that the radio stations below are notified.

Listen to the radio

  • BBC Radio Northampton - 104.2 & 103.6 FM
  • Heart Radio in Northamptonshire (formerly Northants 96) -  96.6 FM
  • Connect 97.2 & 107.4 FM 
  • Heart Radio in Oxfordshire 102.6 and 97.4 FM
  • Harborough - 102.3 FM
  • Banbury Sound - 107.6 FM
  • Corby Radio - 96.3 FM

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