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What is the Children's University?

The Children's University is a national project for children aged between 7 and 14, giving children the opportunity for out-of-school learning modules to help supplement their school education.

These modules take place at locations such as art galleries, museums and zoos.

Northamptonshire libraries are learning destinations for the Children's University and offer a range of activities which can earn you credits.

Children compile a passport of progress for each module and take part in a graduation ceremony when their passport is successfully completed.

For further information, visit the National Children's University website.

How does my child take part?

Your first point of reference should be the school attended by your child.

If the school is a Northamptonshire Children’s University member they will have a range of validated learning opportunities that would appeal to your child.

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Northamptonshire Children’s University is managed by the University of Northampton.

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