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School Transport

Our Home to School Transport Policy provides information on entitlement including answers to the following questions:

  • Does my child qualify for home-to-school transport?
  • What if I choose a school that is not my nearest or designated school?
  • What if I move house during my child's schooling?
  • What about single sex and faith schools?
  • What if my child has special educational needs? Will he/she receive free transport? 

See also Post 16 Transport Policy

Application forms

Aged 4-16

Application form to request free Home to School Transport for students aged 4-16.

Please ensure you have read the policy document above before applying.

This form can be used for replacement passes, change of address and low income families.

 Application For a Free Bus Pass 2015-16 (Word Format 57KB)


Aged 16+

Northamptonshire County Council will guarantee a seat on one of our contracted services for a student where an application is received on or before the 29th May 2015 subject to eligibility.  Guaranteed seats will not be available for applications received after that time. 

Please ensure you have read the guidance notes before applying.

If you have missed the deadline, please submit your application as soon as you are able.

 Post 16 Travel Scheme - Guidance notes 2015-16 (Word Format 52KB)

 Post 16 Travel Scheme Application Form and Payment Method 2015-16 (Word Format 57KB)


Non Entitled Students Travel Scheme

Non entitled students can purchase a bus pass for travel on one of the council's contracted home to school transport services where there is spare capacity or an existing route available.

Please ensure you have read the guidance notes before applying.

In order to be guaranteed a bus pass, parents or carers will need to formally apply by 29 May 2015.

  Non Entitled Student Travel Scheme Guidance Notes 2015-16 (Word Format 40KB)

 Non Entitled Students Travel Scheme Application Form and Payment Method 2015-16 (Word Format 54KB)

 Non Entitled Students Travel Scheme Application Form for Split Family 2015-16 (Word Format 55KB)


CE Academy Application Form

 CE Academy Application form for a free bus pass 2015-16 (Word Format 51KB)


Appeals process

In cases where an application for free transport and assistance is refused, parents may pursue a complaint by submitting a written request to escalate the matter to appeal at stage one using the contact details below:

Stage one – School Transport Team
Email: or
Postal address: Northamptonshire Highways, School Transport Team, Floor 4, Riverside House, Riverside Way, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN1 5NX 

Our appeals process and procedures can be viewed below:

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct lays out the standards of behaviour expected on Home to School Transport of which all parents/carers/guardians and students should be aware.

This includes what to do if Home to School Transport does not arrive for any reason, and if students are refused travel.

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