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Using the Schools Directory Search:

You can search the Schools Directory in many ways.

  • Search Within
    Will allow you to search within a given radius of your postcode e.g. 10miles of NN1 1AL. Please note that all distances are approximate and Northamptonshire County Council cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or conflicting information.

  • School name or part name (if known)
    Is a freetext search that will allow you to search for a school that you know the name or partname of. i.e. Campion or Cam or C

  • School Type
    Will allow you to search for all schools of a certain type e.g. Primary, Secondary etc.

  • SEN unit and resourced provision
    This is a mainstream school which has extra resources to cater for particular types of special needs. There are two types of provision:
    • SEN units provide special provision within a mainstream school where children are taught mainly within separate classes.
    • Resourced provision provides places which are reserved at a mainstream school for pupils with a specific type of SEN, taught mainly within mainstream classes, but requiring a base and some specialist facilities around the school.

  • Location
    Will allow you to search within given areas of the County, for example, Northampton or Kettering and Corby; you can also click on the map or make a selection off the list. If you want to search more than one area e.g. you want to look in Northampton AND Kettering and Corby you will need to hold the [CTRL] key on your keyboard and left click on all the categories you wish to select. This only applies to the location search.

  • Alphabetical Range
    Will allow you to search for schools within a given range of the alphabet, for example, select C-G if you wish to search for Campion School.

  • Multiple Search
    By choosing an option in more than one search box you can closely define your requirements, for example Secondary schools in Northampton only.

  • Reviewing the Search Results
    Once you have completed your search a list of matching schools should appear in a list below the search box. From here you can select one or more schools that you would like to look at in more detail.

    To do this you need to simply tick the boxes next to the schools of your choice by clicking your mouse pointer in the relevant boxes. You can tick as many boxes as you wish.

    To view details on all the schools use the "select/deselect all schools" link. Once you have selected the schools of your choice use the "click here to view selected schools" link to complete the process.


Need to update your school's details? Email  detailing the changes required.

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