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Schools Health and Safety

The LGSS Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team provides an integrated support service offering advice and guidance from experienced and knowledgeable County Safety Managers and qualified Health and Safety professionals.

Service for maintained schools

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service is provided free of charge to all maintained schools and there is no need to enter into a service level agreement for this.  You will automatically have:

Service for academies

When a school becomes an academy it will take on some additional health and safety responsibilities and further information on this is provided in Health and Safety considerations on becoming an academy.

The LGSS Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team offers a service level agreement (SLA) to academies as described in the Services for Academies 2014-15 brochure which is available on the LGSS website.

The SLA will provide you with a range of support services including:

Change in circumstances

Please note: when the circumstances of an establishment change (e.g. a maintained school converts to academy status or an academy's Health, Safety and Wellbeing SLA expires), their access rights to this information will be removed unless a new Health, Safety and Wellbeing SLA is entered into.

Contact us

NCC educational establishments and individuals who wish to request access rights or schools and academies wishing to discuss the SLA can contact the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team on: Health&

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