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Project Angel


Project Angel is the exciting new public sector headquarters situated in the middle of Northampton town centre just behind County Hall.  This modern building will be able to house up to 2,000 professional workers and bring a minimum £12 million additional spend into the town centre economy.  It will provide a modern vibrant office environment, whilst improving the aesthetics and function of an underused brownfield area. 

The county council is committed to the regeneration of Northampton Town Centre and this invest-to-save project is enabling us to dramatically reduce our property and energy costs, saving the county council up to £51 million over thirty years and is an important part of the exciting Northampton Alive regeneration programme. 


A public sector hub that promotes close working and collaboration by providing shared workspace for 2,000 public sector employees. These will include the retained section of NCC, the council-owned federation of social enterprises and organisations, LGSS as well as other public sector organisations.

  1. Project Angel will be delivered at no additional cost to the taxpayer.
  2. This new office development will save up to £51 million of taxpayers' money over the next 30 years as we move out of 12 expensive to run Northampton-based offices into one fit-for-purpose and energy efficient building.
  3. By bringing 2,000 professional workers into the town centre, prosperity will be boosted generating a minimum of £12 million increased spending.
  4. The county council is committed to the regeneration of Northampton Town Centre.  Project Angel is one of several council projects which are part of Northampton Alive, an initiative aimed at regenerating the Town Centre.
  5. The new building will dramatically reduce our current energy and maintenance costs and will therefore dramatically reduce our carbon emissions.
  6. The new build project will increase local employment opportunities during both the construction stage and longer term employment.
  7. Promotes and aids future public sector partner collaboration opportunities by delivering a building which is flexible to change
  8. Project Angel remains on programme and on budget.


Following an extensive OJEU procurement process, contractors Galliford Try Construction Limited have been appointed to build Project Angel on a Design & Build contract basis.

Galliford Try Commitment

A number of opportunities within the local community will be provided by Galliford Try.  They have committed to deliver the following:-

  • A minimum of 750 people with a Northamptonshire postcode will work on site.
  • A minimum £15 million of construction work will be delivered through local companies, with a target of £20 million.   A contract worth £12 million has already been awarded to local M&E Contractor Briggs & Forrester
  • 20 days of charity work to Northamptonshire charities.
  • Link with the Hope Centre providing a minimum of 100 days work experience.
  • Work opportunities offered via the Prince's Trust.
  • Links with Northamptonshire colleges, promoting apprenticeships and employment opportunities during both the construction and operation phases.

What's happening when?


Project update

Sod cutting ceremony marks the start of construction

 Sod cutting ceremony

The formal sod cutting ceremony took place on 10th February 2015; this was to mark the turning of the first sod and is a traditional ceremony.  The Leader of the Council, Councillor Jim Harker; the Chief Executive, Paul Blantern; Cllrs Andre Gonzalez de Savage and Heather Smith; and Andrew Langley, all turned the sod in an event attended by Councillors, staff and members of the press - both television and radio.

This is an exciting time in the life of the project and we will be keeping you updated as work continues.

Angel Webcam

Progress on site can be viewed via the Project Angel webcam.  This is not a continuous film but refreshes every few seconds and will be made into a time-lapse video at the end of the project.

Over the next few weeks...

As work progresses, this page will be updated to provide an outline of proposed activity, as detailed below:- 

  • Piling work concludes
  • Drainage work commences
  • Frame construction 

Key milestones

Key milestones

Building Term



Consists of preparing the ground for the foundations, demolition of old buildings on site and construction of pile foundations 

Frame Construction

Construction of columns, walls, floor slabs and the roof


Installing the external 'skin' of the building including cladding and glazing

Fit Out

Internal work including mechanical and electrical installation; internal finishes including flooring; internal joinery; furniture; wall finishes

Soft landings

Review of the building in use once it is occupied




Archaeological work started in January 2014 and was completed in October 2014, with the final report due in late 2016 when all the artefacts have been thoroughly examined by specialists.

For more information on the history of the site and to keep up to date with the progress of the archaeological dig, please see our Project Angel Archaeology web pages.

What will the new building be like?

Project Angel building artist's impression

The workplace

As a modern, open plan office environment with different work settings for different activities, Project Angel will provide break out areas and both formal and informal meeting areas.  The building will be designed to enable greater collaboration, increased flexibility and promote partnership working.

Project Angel Building Artist's Impression 2

Design development

The external facade of the building is now fixed and the design has been approved by Northampton Borough Council Planning Department.

The internal design will continue to be developed over the next six months. 

Project Angel Artist's Impression 3

Future of County Hall complex

A working group has been established to determine the vision and delivery plan for the future of the County Hall complex. 

There has already been interest in exploring future options for the Guildhall Road and Old Goal blocks and their potential to contribute to the Cultural Quarter aspirations.

Further information

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