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Mobile library 

Library from Home

Bringing the library to you

There are three main services we offer which mean you can still enjoy the Library Service even if you are unable to visit your local library:

Mobile libraries

There are two mobile library vans covering the east and west of the county.

Mobile Library Review 2014

We have worked with our two drivers to review all of your comments and suggestions we have received throughout the year.

We have added time to busy stops and taken out stops where less than 2 people use them.  Sometimes the logistics of this mean we have had to shuffle the times of other stops as well to make the routes really cost effective and fuel efficient.

We continue to welcome your comments which will feed into the next annual review in 2015, please log these with your driver. Customers who are affected by the removal of a stop will be formally notified of the change.

Thank you for your time. 

Home Library Service

How does it work?

This is a free service for customers who are unable to get to the library, either through age or disability.

  • A librarian visits you at home to discuss your reading needs.
  • You can either select items yourself or library staff will select for you according to your tastes and requirements.
  • Volunteers then deliver to your home every month.

How do I arrange a visit?

To arrange a visit or find out more, please contact your local library.

Sound Reads Service

How does it work?

We are here to help people with a visual impairment who enjoy reading to find out about the services available to them in Northamptonshire. 

  • Home visits
    • A home visit from volunteers who will explain the various reading services available to you.
  • Audio book service
  • Audio library
    • Help filling in the application form for the Calibre Audio Library.
    • Calibre Audio Library provides audio books on MP3 disc to your home by post.  (There is a one off administration charge to join the service - £35 Adults, £20 children)
  • Talking newspapers and magazines 
  • Sounds Good Reading Groups 
    • Reading groups for visually impaired people meet at the Hunsbury and Wellingborough libraries.
    • The Sounds Good reading groups welcome new members and can help out with transport if that is a problem.
    • Each library provides copies of the audio books to be discussed prior to the relevant meeting and we also vary the programme by organising author visits and poetry readings.
    • If you like listening to audio books and would like to discover new titles and authors and share your reactions with friends, why not come and join us?

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