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Pocket Parks 

Northamptonshire's Pocket Parks

The idea of Pocket Parks originated in Northamptonshire. They are natural areas of countryside which are owned, looked after and cherished by the local community for peaceful enjoyment, the protection of wildlife and to provide access for all. 

If there is not a Pocket Park near you, why not consider establishing a Pocket Park? If you have any questions about setting up a Pocket Park, or any other matter related to Pocket Parks, please e-mail

You will find Pocket Parks all over the county of Northamptonshire, to be enjoyed by all.

Find a pocket park near you

Map of the county CorbyNorthamptonWellingboroughKetteringEast NorthamptonshireSouth NorthamptonshireDaventry

Pocket Parks can be enjoyed by everyone - from the local school using them for wildlife projects to older folk who enjoy sitting by a beautiful pond.

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