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Desborough Pocket Park 

How to find the park

Desborough Pocket Park is approximately four acres of varying levels and habitat types. 

Entrance is via Prince Rupert Avenue and Federation Avenue. 

History of the park

The site was formerly a paddock belonging to the old Manor Farm, later known as Hill Farm. This was one of four manor houses in Desborough, whose ownership goes back to the brother of William the Conqueror. More recently the land belonged to the Co-operative Society. 

How the volunteers manage the park

A large pond, mature willow bank, meadow land, old hawthorn thickets and even a water cress bed can all be found on site. A small stream runs through the Pocket Park, and at the north end the stream is poorly drained creating an interesting permanent marsh area. The far side of the stream is designated as a non-intervention area.

The meadow is managed as a hay meadow, allowing the grass to grow throughout the summer with a late cut. A hedgerow and many trees of native species have been planted. Seating has also been installed.

In 2009 the Pocket Park group successfully applied for a Grassroots Grant. They have used some of this money to pay for a ranger to lead education days for children from the local schools.

Flora and fauna

  • Water Cress
  • Water Avens
  • Smooth Newt
  • Common Frog
  • Badgers (from time to time)
  • Kingfisher
  • Moorhen

Contact details

  • For more information contact Dennis Ainge on 01536 763 423.


  • Not suitable for wheelchair users due to the uneven terrain.

Rights of way

  • None. 

Park facts

Established 1994
Size 4.7 acres/1.9 hectares
District/Borough Kettering
Grid Reference Landranger Series No. 141 SP800830
Owned By Kettering Borough Council, leased to Desborough Town Council
Managed By Desborough Pocket Park Volunteer Group
Partners Northamptonshire County Council, Kettering Borough Council, Desborough Town Council, Countryside Agency, Rural Action

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