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Northamptonshire Transportation Plan - Town Transport Strategies

The Northamptonshire Transportation Plan

The 'Northamptonshire Transportation Plan: Fit for Purpose' is the strategic document that sets out our aims and goals for transportation in Northamptonshire. It was agreed and adopted by Council in March 2012.

The Northamptonshire Transportation Plan comprises a suite of documents that can be updated as and when needed. The daughter documents that sit beneath the Northamptonshire Transportation Plan give more detail on strategy and policy for specific themes and areas. 

Town Transport Strategies

The first batch of Town Transport Strategies was adopted by Cabinet in December 2012. The documents are available to view below:

Town Transport Strategies Consultation

We consulted on the first batch of town transport strategies between 24th September and 2nd November 2012. All of the comments received in response to the consultation can be viewed below:

More information

We will consult on Town Transport Strategies for Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and the East Northamptonshire towns in 2014. 

Transport Strategies for Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough were adopted in 2007 as part of the Transport Strategy for Growth. These remain valid until new strategies are adopted.

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