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Street Doctor - report a problem online

You can tell us about most problems on the roads or highways (apart from those listed below) - or you can track a problem you have already logged by using our Street Doctor system:

Report a problem 

A14 Junction 7 to Junction 9 Improvements

These works are being undertaken by the Highways England and not Northamptonshire County Council.  If you have any concerns relating to these works please contact Highways England direct.  Any calls logged through the online Street Doctor service will be closed down without action.


For a pothole to be considered a safety defect it has to be a certain depth so not all potholes will be repaired as they may not be of sufficient severity to warrant action at present.


Overhanging trees, shrubs or bushes obstructing the public highway

How overhanging vegetation is dealt with depends on the severity of the risk that the obstruction is causing.

Northamptonshire County Council with their Highway Service provider, Northamptonshire Highways, has taken a risk based approach to dealing with overhanging trees, shrubs or bushes obstructing the public highway.

Abandoned vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle:

Please supply the registration number, type and condition of the abandoned car, and its location.


We deal with flooding on the public highway and blocked road gullies or gratings.

Please note: Flooding from public sewers is dealt with by Anglian Water.

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