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Street party 

Street Parties on the Public Highway

Are you planning a street party?

We would suggest that you consider the risks that may exist in your specific case and where possible look at alternate locations off the highway. This will enable you to take appropriate action to avoid anything spoiling your day.

  • It is your responsibility to discuss the effects of the proposed road closure with local businesses and residents that may be affected by it.
  • It is essential that this is undertaken at the preliminary stages of the application so any issues can be resolved.

Please see the guidance notes below for more information:

Do you need public liability insurance?

Although not compulsory, it is recommended that organisers of "street parties" consider having public liability insurance in place for this type of event. 

You may find helpful advice on the Streets Alive website and also on the communities street party guide.

Charges and Notice Required

The county council will not normally charge for street parties organised by a charitable or local community organisation.

The standard minimum notice period of 3 months for a road closure has been reduced to an absolute minimum of 6 weeks so to avoid disappointment please make sure that your application forms are returned within the required period.

How do you apply to close a road?

Download the application form below and return it to us at:

Highways Regulations
Northamptonshire County Council
Riverside House
Riverside Way

Any questions Please contact Regulations at 

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