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Street party 

Street Parties on the Public Highway

Closing a road for a street party

We would suggest that you consider the risks that may exist in your specific case and where possible look at alternate locations off the highway. This will enable you to take appropriate action to avoid anything spoiling your day.

Please see the guidance notes below for more information:

Types of road suitable for closure

This type of closure is for community events attended by local residents and their families.

The event must not be advertised to the wider community.

It is suitable for minor residential roads where the closure will have minimal impact on through traffic. Roads that are part of a bus route will not be considered suitable.

Consult with locally affected residents and businesses

The applicant is responsible for consulting with all locally affected residents and businesses.

All properties which front on the road that is closed, both residential and commercial, must be individually informed in writing and any subsequent objections should be resolved by the applicant.

Any unresolved objections are likely to result in the application being refused.

A copy of the notification to all the properties must be included with your application.

Statutory consultees

Closure details will be forwarded to a number of statutory consultees, such as emergency services etc.

If any of these have concerns which cannot be resolved, then again unfortunately the application will have to be refused.

Pedestrian and emergency vehicular access

The event must be organised in such a way that access for pedestrians and emergency/essential vehicles can be maintained.

Road signs

A minimum of one “ROAD CLOSED” sign at each entry to the closure will need to be provided by the organisers.

We recommend viewing for further advice on this.

Notice to display

If the road closure is approved, you will be sent a notice which must be put up at each end of the closure at least seven days prior to the street party.

Event licensing

The granting of a road closure does not provide any kind of licensing for your event.

In the majority of cases, a licence will not be required, but you should contact the licensing/events section of your district or borough council to confirm the individual requirements for your event.

Do you need public liability insurance?

Although not compulsory, it is recommended that organisers of "street parties" consider having public liability insurance in place for this type of event. 

You may find helpful advice on the Streets Alive website and also on the communities street party guide.

Clearing up afterwards

All equipment and rubbish associated with the closure must be cleared at the end of the street party as this cannot wait until the following morning.


We ask that you respect your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum after 9pm.

Charges and notice required

The county council will not normally charge for street parties organised by a charitable or local community organisation.

The standard minimum notice period of three months for a road closure has been reduced to an absolute minimum of six weeks so to avoid disappointment please make sure that your application forms are returned within the required period.

How do I apply to close a road?

Download the application form below and return it to us 

Any questions

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