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Tracking Progress in the EYFS

The EYFS requires practitioners to be able to demonstrate how children make progress in their learning and development.  It is therefore important that their progress is tracked and reviewed regularly throughout the EYFS.

Northamptonshire’s Progress Tracker documents are tools that record summative assessments. A summative assessment is a summary of the child’s learning and development at a specific point in time.

It supports you in answering the question “What difference is the provision making to the learning, development and progress of the children attending?”

The Progress Tracker documents include:

These tools are sample documents only and may be adapted by schools and settings. They help to identify and explain the differing rates of progress that all children are making in their learning and development. They will also help to identify children who are working at levels above and below the expected development band.

Evidence gathered through on-going formative assessment (annotated photographs, spontaneous and planned observations, information from home and samples of children’s experiences and achievements) builds the picture so that practitioners can make a ‘best fit’ judgement of the development band that the child is working within.

These Formative assessments are an integral part of the learning and development process because they inform and help you to plan your provision and meet individual children’s needs and interests.

The Progress Summary and Progress Tracker documents are designed to be completed together. In order to identify children’s starting points the key person needs to complete these on entry (within the first six weeks if the child attends part time or within a shorter time frame if the child attends full time) and then reviewed a further three times during the year.

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