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Consultation Register 

How to use the register

Check our user guide to see how to use the register and how to set up alerts:

When do consultations close?

Unless otherwise stated, all consultations close at 5:00pm on the closing date stated.

Search for consultations

The consultation register is the new way to find out about consultations happening in Northamptonshire. You can search for the consultations you are interested in and start to get involved in local decision-making.

You can search the consultations below by clicking on the links below:

Title Topic Area Starts Results
Proposed extension of Roade Primary School Education
South Northamptonshire
08 Jan 2015 10 Mar 2015
Care Act 2014 Information
Mental Health
Learning Disability
Northamptonshire County Wide
05 Jan 2015 27 Feb 2015
2014 Demography Needs Assessment Health and Safety
Northamptonshire County Wide
15 Dec 2014 20 Mar 2015
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) Consultation Health and Safety
Northamptonshire County Wide
09 Dec 2014 01 Apr 2015
School Admissions arrangements for September 2016 (oversubscription criteria and published admission numbers) Education
Northamptonshire County Wide
01 Dec 2014 27 Mar 2015
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Please Note:

Result dates that are in blue provide a link to the online results.
Result dates that are in black are an approximation of when the results should be available.

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