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Applying for a Primary School Place - September 2014

Primary school allocations



The first round of reallocations commenced on Monday 19 May 2014. This process can take a number of weeks to complete.

Please refrain from contacting us for updates during this busy time as we will be unable to provide information. As soon as all applications have been processed a letter will be sent to inform you of the outcome.

Following the outcome of your application

Please see the primary school allocations page for further information.

How to make a late application for a Primary School place

You can still make a late application for a primary school place if your child:

  • will turn 4 between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 and starting primary school in September 2014 (in some parts of the county this may be an infant or lower school)
  • is in the final year at an Infant School (Year 2) and due to transfer to Junior School in September 2014
  • is in the final year of a Lower School (Year 4) and due to transfer to Middle School in September 2014

Late applications will be processed from 19 May 2014.

Before you apply


Information booklet

For guidance on how to apply, we strongly recommend that you read this booklet (you can also find reference copies in schools or libraries):

Please note: The previous version of the booklet contained an error within the oversubscription admissions criteria section (pages 101 to 107).  This error has now been rectified.

Below is a copy of the pages which were previously affected in their correct format.

The application process

Please read all the information carefully before you complete your late application form.

Reception year applications

You may have already given your child's details to a school. Please note that this is not an application for a place at the school and no priority is given to these pupils. You must complete a local authority application form.

You must apply for a school place even if:

  • your child has an older brother or sister at the school
  • your child is attending a nursery class or nursery unit at the school.

Please do not assume a place will be automatically allocated in these cases.

It is a parent's responsibility to ensure an application is completed for their child. School places are allocated strictly using the oversubscription admission criteria and not on a first come first served basis.

Junior / Middle School Applications

All infant schools have a linked junior school and children attending the infant school have some priority within the oversubscription criteria. This works similarly for lower schools and their linked middle schools in East Northamptonshire.

Each year a small number of parents choose to state a preference for a primary school (age range 4 - 11) rather than a junior or middle school.

Primary schools do not have a natural intake at year 3 or 5 so preferences for primary schools will not be considered in the same way. Any request for a primary school place will be treated as an in year request and not processed until July 2014 at the earliest.

How do I apply for a primary school in another county?

The allocation of primary school places is coordinated, meaning parents must apply to their home authority. Therefore, if you live in Northamptonshire you must apply to Northamptonshire County Council even if your preferred school is in another authority.

Equally, if you are not resident in Northamptonshire, you must apply through your home authority even if your preferred school is in Northamptonshire.

When will I find out what school my child has been allocated if I make a late application?

Late applications are allocated on a monthly basis. Detailed information is available in the 'Applying for a Primary School Place in Northamptonshire for September 2024' booklet. The process begins on the following dates but can take several weeks to complete. Once this is complete you will receive a letter to confirm if a place can be offered.

  • 19 May 2014 (for applications submitted before 5pm on 12 May 2014)
  • 16 June 2014 (for applications submitted before 5pm on 9 June 2014)
  • 7 July 2014 (for applications submitted before 5pm on 30 June 2014)

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