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Occupational Health

The Service Level Agreement

For schools that purchase the full Service Level Agreement this is a summary of what is covered relating to Occupational Health. Schools that do not purchase the full service can access this service, please contact Human Resources Schools Team for information on prices for this facility.

  • Pre-employment health checks for new employees
  • Referrals during employment (as part of the schools absence management policy)
  • Support and advice on ill-health retirements

Our Occupational Health Partners are Medigold Health Consultancy who provide medical advice relating to the above issues. Please download the information pack below for details of how to access the service: 

Placement Medical Information

Pre-paid envelopes can be obtained direct from Medigold on 01604 870888.

Absences during employment

Please note:

  • Support Staff should complete a Self Certificate Form from day 1 of their sickness absence.
  • Teaching Staff should complete a Self Certificate Form from day 4 of their sickness absence

Referral during employment

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