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Finance Consultations

On this page you will find details of recent finance consultations with schools.

2018 to 2019 Schools Budget consultation

Consultation is open
 on Northamptonshire County Council’s (the Authority) proposed changes to the school funding formula arrangements for 2018-19.

The principle is to move as closely as possible to implementing the Department for Education’s (DfE) national funding formula (NFF).

The proposed changes included in this consultation have been discussed and supported by Schools Forum at its meeting of 3 October 2017 prior to the release of this consultation.

The consultation provides an opportunity for primary and secondary schools to comment on the changes being proposed.

Please see the consultation document for an overview of the proposed changes to the schools funding formula for 2018-19:

For the 2018-19 funding arrangements the timeframes imposed on the authority, in terms of its deadlines to make submissions to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and the timing of the DfE NFF announcements, does mean that the period of consultation is shorter than normal.

The deadline for responses to this consultation is 24 November 2017. To respond to this consultation, please complete the online response form by 24 November 2017 – the form is available via the following link:  

Responses received will be analysed and shared with members of the Schools Forum at its meeting on 5 December 2017 prior to the authority deciding on the funding formula rates for use in 2018-19, to be submitted to the DfE by the 19 January 2017.

2017 to 2018 Schools Budgets consultation

The consultation is closed. 

The local authority updates for heads, deputy head teachers and governors will include a session on the Finance Consultation, two delegates per school.

Questions and answers from briefing sessions, phone calls and emails:

1) Prior attainment. Which prior attainment data is used to calculate the formula factor allocations?

Please see the slide below which was originally taken to the July 16 Schools Forum presentation on the formula factors proposals:

2) English as an additional language (EAL). Which data will be used to calculate the formula factor allocations in the National Funding Formula and will the new fluency criteria be used to drive the funding?

The Government consultation document in paragraphs 2.33 to 2.36 talks about the current EAL data set not taking into account English Language Proficiency. There is additional information being collected in the October 2016 census to try and capture this and we can assume this is what the DfE are referring to in their comment:

"We are looking at the robustness of the data we collect and whether there is scope to target funding more effectively by gathering and utilising data on the English language proficiency of EAL pupils."

We have modelled using EAL3 under the current data set where English proficiency is not considered (as we don't have that data). 

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Local authority updates for heads and governors:

1) Kettering Conference Centre: 20 September 9am to 12:30pm

2) Towcester Racecourse: 29 September 1pm to 4:30pm

Budget Sessions for Finance Staff:

Please see the links to the main consultation document and appendices below:

Schools should the response form to feedback on the consultation questions by MIDDAY 30 September so that feedback can be collated and discussed with School Forum on the 4 October.

2016 to 2017 schools budgets consultation

11 November 2015 Update

Please see the Schools Forum and County Council committee meetings website:

for feedback on the Schools Forum Meeting of 13 October 2015, where the 2016 to 17 Schools Budgets Consultation was presented and discussed.

Please see the links to the main consultation document and appendices below.

The consultation closed on 01 October 2015.

Two budget consultation briefing sessions for schools took place on 15 September 2015. Afternoon session - Kettering Conference Centre 1pm to 3pm and Evening session - Northampton School for Girls 6pm to 8pm.

Consultation queries

Any general queries regarding consultations should be made via 

Previous consultations

Details of previous finance consultations are available on the Finance Consultations Archive.

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