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Grants Information

For queries on grants allocations based on census data, please refer to the Key to Success Website or contact the Education Funding Agency (EFA) through their web portal:

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

Primary PE and sport Payment to nCC Transfer to schools
17/18 Academic Year Term 3 30 April 1 May 2018
18/19 Academic Year Terms 1 and 2 30 October 2018 01 November 2018
Pupil Premium Looked After Children Quarterly Termly (x3)
Pupil Premium FSM, post-LAC and Service Child - Quarter 1 29 June 2018 1 July 2018
Pupil Premium FSM, post-LAC and Service Child - Quarter 2 28 September 2018 1 October 2018
Pupil Premium FSM, post-LAC and Service Child - Quarter 3 28 December 2018 1 January 2019
Pupil Premium FSM, post-LAC and Service Child - Quarter 4 29 March 2019 1 March 2019
Final payment for 17/18 AY Universal Infant Free School Meals 29 June 2018 July 2018
Final payment for 18/19 AY Universal Infant Free School Meals 29 June 2018 July 2018
2018-19 Year 7 catch up 28 February 2019 March 2019

Pupil Premium - Looked After Children (LAC)*

For queries regarding Looked After Child Pupil Premium (LAC PPG also called Pupil Premium Plus) please contact

*LAC is funded differently to post LAC. Post LAC are children adopted from local authority care or under a special guardianship order and the grant is allocated by the EFA. Queries on post-LAC should be addressed through the key to success website or on the EFA enquiry form above.

Latest information: change in policy - January 2017

The Pupil Premium Policy for Looked After Children will take effect from 1 January 2017. The Pupil Premium Plus grant for LAC will be devolved at a rate of £500 per LAC directly into schools' accounts on a termly basis. The funding will continue to be monitored via the PEP and schools will be accountable for this spend, which must be linked to the Personal Education Plan and linked to the targets.

In addition all money allocated must be spent on the child and focused on improving outcomes. A good resource to support schools and settings with this is the Education Endowment Foundation website.


Allocations are for Northamptonshire LAC only. Other Local Authorities who place LAC in Northamptonshire schools will have their own arrangements for administering Pupil Premium Plus. Please contact the Virtual School of the child’s home authority to clarify their Pupil Premium Plus arrangements.

Additional funding

Additional funding can be requested via the personal education plan (PEP) and will be agreed at the discretion of the Virtual School Head. Where a high level of funding is required to meet the needs of the child, an application should be made for higher needs funding. Pupil Premium Plus will not be used as an alternative to higher needs funding.

Schools will be required to report to the Head of the Virtual School on the impact of the use of Pupil Premium Plus for individual LAC on a termly basis using the PEP.

Through Ofsted inspections, schools will be held accountable for the educational attainment and progress of all disadvantaged pupils who attract Pupil Premium including LAC.

This page will be updated to include information on other grants soon, please check back soon.

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