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Year End

On this page you will find everything you need to successfully complete your 2016 to 2017 financial year end closedown.

Instructions and guidance

Update 21 March 2017: The budget proposal forms are awaiting the Early Years Single Funding Formula data, these will be completed after the Schools Forum consultation and authorisation by the Director. The new estimate of availability is 24 March 2017.


4 of the 11 forms listed below are currently available.

Form Deadline Remarks
Lease Return 10/03/17 Email to Fin Schools
 LB4 - VAT Return Final Quarter 2016-17 (Word format 48KB) 27/03/17 AVCO file to be sent by 12:30pm
 Instructions for AVCO Return N/A N/A
 LB9 - Accruals Return 27/03/17 To be sent by 4:30pm
 LB12 - Year End Payroll Return (non-LGSS Payroll only)(Word format 33KB) 19/04/17 Email to
LB6 - Local Bank Account Reconciliation (Word format 33KB) 20/4/17 To be sent electronically by 4:30pm
LB26 - FMS to Oracle Return 20/4/17 Email to relevant schools financial advisors
 LB8 - Covering Year End Reports Form (Word format 40KB) 28/04/17 Email to relevant schools financial advisors

SB1 Form


5/5/17 To be emailed to
 LB14 - Confirmation of Final Closure (Word format 33KB) 12/05/17 Email to relevant schools financial advisor

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