Page last updated 18 July 2016

Traded Services for Schools and Academies

NCC and LGSS offer a wide range of traded services to schools and academies.

If you wish to discuss your requirements or make any changes, please contact the relevant service provider.

What services are available?

Service Provider
Additional needs NCC
Admissions NCC
Audit LGSS
Training and Development LGSS
Educational Psychology Service NCC
Emergency Planning Service NCC
Finance LGSS
Governor advice and support NCC
Health, Safety and Wellbeing LGSS
HR Advisory and Policy LGSS
Insurance and Risk LGSS
Learning Resources for Education NCC
Legal LGSS
Outdoor Activities in Country Parks NCC
Outdoor Learning Service NCC
Payroll LGSS
Procurement LGSS
Property LGSS
Recruitment and Employee Lifecycle LGSS
Targeted Mental Health in Schools NCC
Trade Union Facility time arrangements LGSS

How to access the services


LGSS services

To request a service from LGSS or to request more information, please see the appropriate brochure on the LGSS website.

NCC services

To request a service from NCC or to find out more, please follow the link for that service.

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