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Digital Economy

The Digital Economy has been identified as one of the key priorities in the Northamptonshire Arc and the Northamptonshire 10 Point Plan.

These documents set out a wide range of transformational activities, through which the county council, working with others aims to create a more prosperous future and improve the wellbeing and quality of life for its residents and businesses.

These activities will form part of the concept Digital Fluency: Smart Living.

Superfast Northamptonshire

One of these activities is the Superfast Northamptonshire project - the public face of the Northamptonshire Local Broadband project.

The county council is working with its investment partners to secure access to superfast broadband across the county by 2017. However, the upgrade and/or deployment of new telecoms infrastructure across the county will not be enough to realise our ambition. It is vital that the residents and businesses embrace superfast broadband enabled technologies to transform the way they live, work and do business.

To view the latest information about the project and expected Roll Out plans go to our project website at and our interactive "When and Where" map.

Superfast business promotional films

Northamptonshire County Council has commissioned a series of short films to promote the benefits of superfast broadband enabled technology. The films showcase local businesses from across the county that use superfast broadband.  This is how businesses used digital technologies to grow their business.

Smart Commuter concept

The Smart Commuter concept is a new initiative that promotes the concept of Digital Fluency: Smart Living.

It will bring live and user-focused travel information to people in a way which suits the way they lead their lives and reflect the growing importance and value of new technology.

Some examples of this will include:

  • an integrated travel information portal
  • a journey planner
  • a smart commuter app providing the offer of personalised travel information as part of a wider package of measures.

The initial focus will be on Northampton, but it will also be rolled out to other towns across the county.

Digital Youth Academy: The Social Digital Apprenticeships

Part of the Digital Youth Academy, the Social Digital Apprenticeship scheme specialising in social media will provide young people with skills and qualifications to professionalise and commercialise their social, digital and networking skills.

Northamptonshire County Council had invested in the scheme which will be delivered by Tresham College of Further and Higher Education.

The Social Digital Apprenticeship aims to link the natural skills of a generation with those of businesses who want to improve their online presence to grow and expand. 

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