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Mobile phone 

Reporting an Emergency

Call 999 if...

  • there is a danger to life or risk of injury being caused, such as a serious road accident or assault
  • a crime is in progress, such as a robbery, burglary or theft, and the offender is still on the scene or has only just left the area
  • the immediate attendance of a police officer is necessary - such as where someone is acting suspiciously and obviously about to commit a crime.

Dialling 999 from a mobile phone

  • Due to the different base stations used by phone companies your call may be answered by a police operator in another part of the country.
  • Tell the operator immediately where you are phoning from so that your call is dealt with by the appropriate police force.

For other emergencies

Police Counter Terrorism Hotline 0800 789 321
Fighting crime 0800 555 111 Crimestoppers
Out of hours medical advice 111

NHS Choices


Gas leak

0800 111 999

National Gas Emergency Service
Power cut

0800 6783 105


Western Power Distribution (East Midlands area)
Flooding 999 Northamptonshire Flood Toolkit

Water leak


08457 771 881

08456 145 145

Anglian Water
Water leak 0800 783 4444 Severn Trent
(areas in West Northants only)
Animals in distress 0300 1234 999 RSPCA
Road or pavement problems, e.g. potholes, obstructions. 0300 126 1000

Northamptonshire Street Doctor

To contact the Emergency Services in a non-emergency situation

101 Northants Police
01604 797000 Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

0115 884 5000

East Midlands Ambulance Service

Download a copy of our In Case of Emergency booklet which contains an important information page.

You can use this to store your own important contact numbers that you might need in an emergency situation. 

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