Page last updated 29 June 2016

Automatic Fire Alarms (AFAs)

Improving your safety

The safety of your building and its occupants can be greatly enhanced by the installation of an Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System.
If properly used and maintained, the automatic system can be a significant factor in reducing the risk to life, and the limiting of damage to your property.

Unwanted fire signals (False alarm calls)

Unfortunately, the very features that provide this fast response can also produce unwanted signals arising from activities other than a real fire.

These can prove both costly both to the fire service, by initiating unnecessary turnouts of fire appliances and to the building operator. Evacuation of a building as a result of a false alarm signal can result in loss of production and general disruption of normal business activities.

Follow the simple rules

Compliance with the simple rules below will help to release the fire service for more essential duties.

They may also help to save you from the permanent loss of business frequently associated with a major fire.

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