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Smoke Alarm Guidance

Smoke alarms save lives

Don’t be a statistic.  At best, having a smoke alarm that does not work can lull you and your loved ones into a false sense of security. At worst, if a fire does occur, it could kill you.

Smoke alarm problems

If your smoke alarm is sounding intermittently or you believe it may be faulty please check the following:

  • The alarm still sounds when tested
  • It is securely fastened to the ceiling
  • The sound is not coming from any other alarms or electrical appliances

Dicon smoke alarms

Dicon model SA410LLI             Dicon model SA900Si     

If you have a dicon smoke alarm (pictured above) which appears to be faulty, please take it down and purchase a new one.   To take down the alarm follow the steps below: 

  • There is a small black indicator on the edge of the base, push here using the point of a pen or similar object
  • Turn the smoke alarm clockwise to remove from the base
  • Unscrew base from ceiling

How to remove a Dicon smoke alarm

The new alarm needs to be fitted where the previous alarm was located.  Smoke alarms can be purchased from most DIY stores. 

FireAngel smoke alarms

FireAngel model 610 optical           FireAngel model ST-620 thermoptek        FireAngel model WFSVP-629 wi-safe

If you have a FireAngel smoke alarm (pictured above) please refer to the manufacturer instructions/guidance.  The following documents may be useful:

If you have removed a FireAngel alarm which continues to beep, you can view a video to show you how to deactivate a FireAngel smoke alarm .

If you need further help

If the guidance above does not help to resolve your problem, please try the FireAngel useful information web page or contact the FireAngel technical support team on the freephone number 0800 141 2561 or via email: for further assistance.

If you are experiencing any problems with an alarm not fitted by NFRS, please refer to the manufacturer instructions.

If you are unable to refit the alarm or gain assistance to do so, please contact us.

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