Page last updated 12 March 2014
Emergency Response Corps Member 

Get involved in Emergency Planning

When there's an emergency, such as a major flood or extreme weather, our Emergency Planning Team works with the emergency services and other agencies in the county to keep people safe and put things right as quickly as possible.

We have a group of trained volunteers that we rely on to help us effectively respond to incidents as they happen. We need volunteers to quickly mobilise communities, organise help, and prevent situations worsening.

Could we call on you to help protect your community in an emergency?

What could you do?


Emergency Response Corps

Our Emergency Response Corps help the Emergency Planning Team in the event of an emergency. They can assist in many different ways including organising and running a reception centre for evacuees and emergency personnel, assisting to coordinate resources and supplies to help the recovery effort, or dealing with incoming enquiries on a helpline.  Anyone can help regardless of their skills or experience.

Members of the Corps:

  • Don't need to volunteer regularly, just be on-call when they can
  • Undertake vital roles which support the emergency response to critical incidents
  • Receive regular training, information and support to maintain their skills and knowledge
  • Take pride in knowing that the work they do really makes a difference when it matters.

How do I join?

MouseApply online to join the Emergency Response Corps 

We will contact you once you've submitted your application.

Become a Community Coordinator

Create and be ready to implement a Community Self Help Plan for your area. Identify risks, and use local knowledge and resources to be prepared to respond to an emergency as soon as it starts.

Volunteer with our partners

In an emergency in the county we will work in close partnership with the blue light services and other organisations, including voluntary agencies.  These agencies will work with and support the Emergency Planning team to respond to incidents. There are many opportunities for volunteers to assist our partners with the work they do.

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