Page last updated 15 April 2014

Fees and Charges

Stock hire charges

Item Fee
Audio books - on CD and tape  
Adult audio books £1.80 per item 
Children's audio books £0.80 per item 

Drama sets
Late return charge for a 3 week re-hire period (or part of) 

£4.50 for 3 weeks 

Single DVDs £2.50 per item for 1 week 
DVDs: Sets of 3 discs or more £4.00 per set for 2 weeks 
Children's non-feature DVDs £1.50 per item 
Language courses  
Single language courses £1.50 per item 
Multi-part language courses £3.50 per item 
Music score sets (use of up to 100 copies per set)  
Maximum of 10 music score sets per year of up to 100 copies per set  £150.00 
Up to 50 additional copies of music score sets £15.00 
Individual charge for music scores (flat charge for any number of copies)  £20.00 
Up to 50 additional copies of music scores £15.00 
Charge to reserve a single item (non-fundable) £1.30

All other fees and charges

Currently all fees and charges can only be paid in the library by using the self-service machines.

Please note: Card payment facilities are available at Northamptonshire Central, Daventry, Kettering, Wellingborough and Weston Favell Libraries. Minimum amount through card payment is £5.

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