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Finedon Pocket Park 

How to find the park

Access to the park can be found via Station Road and Avenue Road (next to the cricket club).

Access is also available from St Mary's Avenue and Harrowden Lane (no parking facilities are available at these two points).

History of the park

From 1939 until 1946 iron ore was extracted from the quarry at Finedon and transported via a railway line to the main line at Wellingborough.

Rather than filling in the railway cutting and quarry and returning it to agricultural land, the people of Finedon campaigned to retain it as an important wildlife area. In 1984, this was the first Pocket Park in the country.  

How the volunteers manage the park

The quarry area is predominantly grassland and scrub with ponds supporting a diverse range of amphibians. The majority of the railway cutting is woodland containing mainly ash, sycamore and oak.

Labyrinths of excellent walks along the two mile stretch are to be found at this beautiful site. Some splendid old coppiced lime trees estimated to be over three hundred years old line Holly Walk as well as yews of considerable age. Access for walkers is promoted without compromising the site's nature conservation value.

Wooded areas along the railway cutting are thinned to create glades to encourage ground flora. The removed wood is used to create habitat piles to encourage invertebrates.

Scrub in the quarry is cut back to maintain the grassland. Large trees and patches of scrub are left to provide feeding and nesting sites for birds. The ponds also need management so they do not become completely over hung by trees.

Flora and fauna

  • Ancient Yew
  • Old Coppiced Lime
  • Common Spotted Orchid 
  • Bee Orchid
  • Fox
  • Shrew
  • Muntjac Deer
  • Badger

Contact details

  • For more information contact Emma Baker on 01933 398 967.


  • Some accompanied wheelchair user's access is available off Station Road and into the quarry area.
  • Elsewhere the steep uneven terrain makes access for wheelchair users difficult. 

Rights of way

  • UM4, UM5 and UM6.

Park facts

Established 1984
Size 32.5 acres / 13.1 hectares
District/Borough Wellingborough
Grid Reference Landranger Series No. 141 SP903713
Owned By Borough Council of Wellingborough and leased to Finedon Parish Council
Managed By Finedon Branch of Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust
Partners Northamptonshire County Council, Borough Council of Wellingborough, Countryside Agency, Finedon Parish Council

View some images of the park

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