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Permit Scheme

Please note for licence applications for Skips, Scaffold, section 50 and road closures contact

What is the permit scheme?

The Northamptonshire County Council permit scheme came into effect on 10th January 2011.

The objective is to control and coordinate works on its strategic and  traffic sensitive road network (see map below) in order to minimise the effect of the works on Northamptonshire's road network. 

Who needs a permit?

Anyone carrying out works within any of these roads will legally need to apply for a permit.

A utility company will need to book time on the highway through a permit, as would the county council, and its partners, for its own works.

How do you obtain a permit?

The county council can choose to grant a permit, apply conditions to a granted permit or decline permission to work within the highway.

In connection with a permit application for immediate activities, the promoter carrying out these activities must telephone 0300 126 1015 with the required information.

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