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How to use this site

Website changes

We are currently moving pages from this website to our new website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the search on one of the sections on our new site:

A – Z of council services

The A-Z is a definitive list of all council services, organised alphabetically. Many services are listed with 'alternative' titles. So for example you should find:

  • 'Abandoned Vehicles' under both A for 'Abandoned' and V for 'Vehicles'
  • 'Blue Badge' is under B and also under D for 'Disabled parking'.

Keyword search

The keyword search is available from the top of the website. This is a global website search that will look for keywords in all sections of the website. Although not an exhaustive method of searching, a quick keyword search will often find the pages you are looking for.

It is important to remember that this website has many pages, so searching for a common word may yield many results. The keywords in the results are highlighted to help quickly identify the context in which the word appears.

Main navigation

The main navigation situated on the left of the site, is where you will find the main sections of the web site. As you click on a heading, all the sub sections contained within will be displayed underneath.

Site map

The site map provides a quick reference list of all the sections of the website.

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