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6 October 2015
Northamptonshire set for severe flooding - but it's just a test!
Northamptonshire’s emergency response to widespread flooding will be put to the test this weekend with a joint-agency exercise.

6 October 2015
County council to consult on bid to extend Northampton and Lamport Railway
Northamptonshire County Council is looking to provide land at Brampton Valley Way linear park to enable the extension of the Northampton and Lamport Railway.

5 October 2015
New integrated approach to health and social care provision to be discussed by cabinet
The first steps towards the creation of a new integrated out-of-hospital health and social care organisation will be discussed at Northamptonshire County Council’s cabinet meeting on Tuesday (October 6th).

5 October 2015
Where angels fear to tread! Project director Richard faces his fears
Richard Beeby, programme director for Northamptonshire County Council’s HQ-build Project Angel, will face his fear of heights this week when he climbs the 50-metre on-site crane.

1 October 2015
Residents views help design new wellbeing company
Hi – quick update - I’ve checked into public transport options and I would have had to catch a 1205 train to get to Norwich on time.

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