Page last updated 26 May 2016
Interactive mapping 


Interactive mapping

On our interactive mapping you can view maps and overlay the locations of schools, libraries, waste recycling centres, salting routes, bus stops and many other layers throughout Northamptonshire.

You can find the area that you are interested in by entering a place i.e. towns and villages, street or postcode.

Mapping guide

Which browser is best?

The mapping is designed to work with the most common browsers.  All features work in recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox Opera and Google Chrome. You will need to have JavaScript enabled.

Can I use a mobile device?

We are currently unable to support the mapping on mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPod touch.


We try to meet the needs of computer users with visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility at all times. However, due to the graphic-intensive nature of the interactive mapping, these maps of Northamptonshire cannot be presented in an accessible format.

Any queries

If you are having problems using the mapping or if you have any suggestions as how the mapping could be improved please email

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