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Page last updated 26 January 2015

Web Standards

Our vision

Our 10 point vision for this website:

  1. We will aim to have the simplicity of the GOV.UK website, focused on helping customers find and complete their tasks in the quickest time possible.
  2. The NCC website will be usable for all of our customers, whether they are accessing it on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  3. We will make our information much more dynamic by tagging it with audience, location, service type, age range to help cross promote services and tasks across our website regardless of which council teams deliver them and make it much more personal for people.
  4. We will create more of a ‘microsite’ feel for certain services who want to engage with their audience in a more visual way and promote what they have to offer, e.g. outdoor learning, libraries, country parks.
  5. We will work with management information (MI) and statistics from our website and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to understand why people contact us, where we can improve information, tasks and transactions on our website and where we can nudge people to encourage them to use the web first.
    From this MI we will identify what we consider to be our blue chip content and create an ongoing improvement program to make and keep it excellent. This will be the content that is most viewed online, content that generates the most calls, statutory or part of a wider council focus.
  6. We will promote the key areas of focus for the council through a more dynamic home page and throughout the
    site, whether that be what we can offer businesses in the area, or increasing people’s sense of wellbeing.
  7. We will enforce the web and communication Statement of Required Practice so that services have to follow protocols to ensure website compliance around the use of creating external websites. We will work with services and suppliers who have their own third party sites external to the NCC site to make sure they are on brand, accessible and available on mobile devices.
  8. We will work with the CSC and Communications teams to ensure a ‘nowism’ approach to the website. If something of importance is affecting a significant proportion of the county we will make sure the website homepage reflects this to give good advice and information to help people, be it bad weather, flooding or school admissions time.
  9. We will carry on working with communities to promote our website and how to access services through it and try to encourage them to cross promote through their own local websites to try and hit a different hyperlocal audience.
  10. We will exploit our new e-payments platform to build a more transactional website capable of taking payments across all services.

Our standards

The standards we will use to help us achieve this vision are:

  • Ensure the site is up and available to our customers
  • That content is well written and easy to follow
  • The site is available on all devices, desktop / tablet / mobile
  • We do our best to check the site for accessibility so it is available to all our customers
  • The content is up to date and accurate
  • We keep trying to improve our site, content / e-forms / transactions
  • We administrate the site to ensure broken links / spelling errors / non search results are reduced to a minimum
  • We have quality images where appropriate
  • We do our best to reflect our services in the most appropriate engaging way
  • We continue to develop the transactional part of this site to enable a fully self serve experience
  • Using analytics we will understand our customers use of this site to allow us to keep improving

See how our website has changed over the years to incorporate the changes that we have introduced to offer you a better service.

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