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Page last updated 25 January 2012

Web Standards

Our vision for the future

Our vision for e-government, shared with all local authorities in Northamptonshire, is about using new technologies to provide more co-ordinated, customer-led and accessible public services throughout Northamptonshire.

We want to make it easier for our Citizens to engage with us and to access our services through our website 24:7. 

How are we going to achieve this?

To enable our citizens to access our services via the internet, we are continually improving our web presence to ensure that it delivers the following:

  • up to date and relevant information about our services
  • is easy to use and accessible
  • allows a two way consultation on our services
  • provides downloadable or online forms to access services
  • the facility to book venues, resources and courses online
  • the facility to pay for goods and services online
  • access to other networks
  • can be accessed by a mobile phone

See our improvements over the last 12 years

See how our website has changed over the years to incorporate the changes that we have introduced to offer you a better service.

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