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Welcome to the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT) website. Please take some time to see what we do, look at some of our recent achievements, or see our County Music and Drama Groups in action.

In April 2012 NMPAT was established as an Independent Charitable Company after 40 years trading as the former Local Authority Music Service. Shortly afterwards it was appointed the lead partner in the new Northamptonshire Music Education Hub (NMEH) and in September 2013 was invited to take over the lead role in the Rutland Music Education Hub, Rutland Music, now established as a subsidiary charity. Working with other local Music and Arts groups the Hubs will oversee the local delivery of the Government's National Music Plan.

 Chief Executive: Peter Smalley

Chief Executive: Peter Smalley

NMPAT is based in Northampton at the Kettering Road Music and Arts Centre, known locally as the Northampton Music School. Its core values are "to Inspire, to Nurture and to Excel" and it exists to provide the young people of Northamptonshire with musical and artistic opportunities. We offer a range of enrichment programmes for schools and individuals of all ages around the County.

Our highly talented team of teachers are able to provide teaching on musical instruments at every school in the County. We offer a full range of instruments and musical styles and currently teach 15 000 students in "First Access" - whole class instrumental lessons or small groups.

There are 15 Saturday Music and Performing Arts Centres at venues around the County, with about 3 000 members. The Centres are open to everybody and exist to provide an educational and fun environment for any young person interested in the Arts.

We run a programme of residential courses at Grendon Hall for young musicians and some of the County Groups. We also have an extensive programme of concerts and events throughout the year, including many regular fixtures in our calendar.

Northamptonshire is renowned for the high standard of its ensembles, with over 1 000 young musicians involved in our award winning County Music and Drama Groups. Membership of the County groups is by audition and each year we hear new applicants and all existing members. Many of the groups take part in national festivals and competitions and we have regular tours abroad for some of our senior groups.

We are also the biggest providers of instrumental music lessons to individuals in the County. Lessons take place at our Kettering Road Music and Arts Centre in Northampton and at a variety of venues around Northamptonshire. Kettering Road is also the home for our Youth Theatre, Northampton Rock and Early Years Music classes.

NMPAT is a Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 7738151) with charitable status (No. 1145643). It is a member of the UK Association for Music Education - Music Mark and the consortium of East Midlands Music Education Hubs, MEHEM. The Music Education Hubs receive financial support from Central Government via Arts Council England.

Peter Smalley: Chief Executive

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