Coronavirus local guidance

The Roadmap out of lockdown continues with part 2 beginning on 12 April.

Changes from 12 April in England

  • Venues offering outdoor hospitality such as pubs, cafes and restaurants can reopen to serve food and drinks to customers sitting outdoors. Those who visit one of these venues will have to check in on the NHS Test and Trace app, or provide contact details. Groups will still be limited to six people or two households. 
  • Gyms, indoor swimming pools and other indoor exercise venues can reopen. However, group classes will still be prohibited. Sauna facilities and steam rooms will remain closed. 
  • Personal care services, such as hairdressers, nail salons and spas can reopen
  • Zoos, theme parks, drive-in cinemas and performance events can resume
  • Members of the same household can holiday in England in self-contained accommodation. This includes Airbnb properties, cottages and campsites. Hotels and B&Bs will remain closed.
  • Foreign holidays will still be banned until 17 May at the earliest
  • Public buildings such as libraries and community centres can reopen
  • Weddings attended by up to 15 people can take place
  • Funerals can continue to take place with up to 30 people in attendance
  • The number of care home visitors will also increase to two per resident

The rules from part 1 still apply as below.

'The rule of six'

From 29 March, outdoor gatherings of either 6 people (the rule of 6, i.e. yourself and 5 others) or 2 households will be allowed.

  • You may meet, still using the 2 metre social distancing rule, in public spaces including country and recreational parks and other green spaces. You may also meet, socially distanced, in private gardens.
  • Socialising indoors is still not permitted. Although the rules may be relaxing, you still need to limit and be careful with those around you. The evidence shows us that meeting outdoor at a distance makes transmission of the virus much more difficult, compared to gathering indoors.
  • It is important that you provide your own food and drinks and do not share with others. You must also still adhere to the hands, face, space guidance and wash, or sanitise, your hands as often as possible.
  • You must still adhere to social distancing rules and stay two metres apart from anyone who is not in your household or support or childcare bubble

Business and activities

  • Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, open-air swimming pools and cricket and football pitches, will be allowed to reopen. People will be able to take part in formally organised outdoor sports, more information is available on the Government website.
  • If you are unsure as to whether your sport will be allowed to resume, please contact your local organiser or sporting body to find out

Work and travel

  • People should continue to work from home where they can and minimise the number of journeys where possible, avoiding travel on busy routes or at peak times. You must still only make essential journeys or travel for exercise, food or to meet others at a distance.

It's important to remember that the dates set out by the government are still provisional. It is imperative that you continue to follow the restrictions that are currently in place and the message remains hands, face, space.

The ‘COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021’ provides a roadmap out of the current lockdown in England and sets out how the government will continue to protect and support citizens across the UK:

Further guidance and information

We are updating a news page with the latest information about changes to council services and events.

​Event planning

Northamptonshire Local Resilience Forum has produced a guide to event planning. This is designed to assist all event organisers in understanding what is required of them when organising an event in Northamptonshire.