Guidance for schools and education settings - Coronavirus

Latest letter to headteachers

This letter contains guidance regarding:

  • Free school meals vouchers
  • Free school meals scams warning
  • Legislation - Coronavirus Act
  • Coronavirus symptoms in schools
  • Carers

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Support for businesses

Our support for businesses page includes information on grants for the self-employed.

Education resources

Free school meals guidance (26 March 2020)

Low-income families whose children are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) will be offered vouchers or meals at home, even if they are no longer attending school due to coronavirus.

For all voucher/meal at home queries for Northamptonshire please contact

SEND update (24 March 2020)

Parents and carers who are key workers (23 March 2020)

A letter has been produced for employers of key workers to confirm their status and ensure their children can remain in school.

For a copy of this letter, human resources departments should contact our Customer Service Centre on 0300 126 1000.

GP practices will be able to access the letter via the Primary Care Portal.

Department for Education update - key workers (20 March 2020)

The Department for Education have published information on which parents and carers are counted as key workers:

There is also information for parents and carers on the closure of settings.

Department for Education update (18 March 2020)

After schools shut their gates on Friday afternoon, they will remain closed until further notice except for children of key workers and vulnerable children, as part of the country’s ongoing response to coronavirus.

We no longer offer a facility to log closures and no school closures will be displayed on this website. It is now the responsibility of the school or academy to notify of a closure.

​Educational settings

Free school meals

The Department for Education has confirmed that low-income families whose children are eligible for free school meals will be offered vouchers, food or meals to make sure they continue receiving this support, even if they are no longer attending school.      

Effective immediately, schools will be able to order vouchers directly from supermarkets or shops in their communities to be emailed or printed and posted to families, and they will have their costs covered by the Department for Education.

Department for Education helpline

The Department for Education has set up a helpline to answer questions about coronavirus for staff, parents and young people.

You can contact this helpline from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm:

Telephone: 0800 046 8687