Covid Household Winter Support Scheme

The COVID-19 Household Winter Support Scheme is available to help households, especially those with children, who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and are struggling to stay warm and put food on the table this winter.

The scheme is available to support households struggling with food and fuel costs this winter. We have partnered with a number of organisations who help people in these circumstances. You should still reach out to these organisations as usual. If they think you could benefit from this scheme, they can make a referral to the scheme on your behalf. Our referral partners will verify your circumstances against your need and eligibility criteria. They may need proof of income and address to complete a referral.

Local referral partners

We are working with the District and Borough councils and local charities across Northamptonshire to become local referral partners for the scheme.

These groups will identify people they work with who may be suitable for the grant and submit an application for the scheme with their agreement.

Local referral partners currently signed up: