Northamptonshire Covid-19 outbreak prevention plan

Updated on 04 August 2020



Residents of Northampton and Corby are being urged to take action as the number of cases has risen above the national rate. See the latest guidance.

Northamptonshire Covid-19 figures

We will share data each week with further guidance for the public should this be necessary.

Northamptonshire COVID-19 outbreak prevention and control plan

This local plan is designed to clarify how Northamptonshire County Council, in collaboration with our Local Resilience Forum (LRF) partners and other key stakeholders, will work with the NHS Test and Trace service and regional Public Health England (PHE) Centre, to ensure our system is ready to play its part in the 'contain' phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The plan is supported by a number of national and local policies and procedures and so will remain 'live' over the course of the pandemic to ensure it reflects current guidance and best practice.

This is a draft plan subject to ratification by the Northamptonshire Strategic Coordination Group (SCG) and the COVID-19 Health Protection Board, and final sign off by the Northamptonshire COVID-19 Oversight and Engagement Board.

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