Northamptonshire Local Resilience Forum guide to event planning

This page is designed to act as a central source to assist all event organisers understand what is required of them when organising an event in Northamptonshire, to outline the process of notifying of an event, and set out what subsequent engagement may take place regarding the proposed event.

All partner agencies have an agreed approach to organising events across Northamptonshire. This is supported by all local authorities: Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, East Midlands Ambulance Service and others.

Relevant authorities should be notified of any proposed event so they can support event organisers to plan and run safe events in the county and assess relevant factors, including legal compliance. This applies across the whole range of events, from a small local fete, to a music festival, protest or large motor-sports event.

Many of these requirements have been in place for many years, but there is now a new requirement to consider the impacts of coronavirus in event planning. This includes checking whether the proposed event is permissible under any current restrictions and if the event is permissible, a COVID-19 risk assessment must be undertaken to identify all necessary controls to reduce the risk of spread amongst staff and visitors at the event.



If you are planning an event you need to complete a notification form. Please follow the steps below.

Event planning and notification process

  1. Check current compliance:
    • Lockdown status
    • Restrictions
    • Obligations
  2. Complete event paperwork:
    • Event management plan
    • Risk assessments
    • COVID-19 risk assessment
  3. Notify event to Local Resilience Forum:
  4. Submit licence application:
    • Submit applications to obtain permissions as necessary
  5. Engage with Environmental Health
    • If and when requested
  6. Engage with SAG members
    • If and when requested

The following guidance and templates are designed to assist anyone planning an event. The required documentation should be commensurate with the size, scale and type of event. For example a small village fete would not require the same level of documentation or event planning as a large music festival.

Guidance and template documents