Northants Now podcast

Welcome to Northants Now – a new series from Northamptonshire County Council and Public Health Northamptonshire.

Each episode offers advice and support on a range of public health and wellbeing issues for Northamptonshire residents.

Over the course of the series we will also be celebrating some of the best things about our region and what makes Northamptonshire a region to be proud of.

Episodes will be available on Spotify and Apple.Northans now podcast

Life in Lockdown podcast

The first Northants Now podcast discusses the current lockdown examining what our special guests and their organisations are doing and why. Joining Gareth Evans in this episode are representatives from Northants Police, Northants Social Services and Public Health Northamptonshire.

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Business Support podcast 

This podcast discusses the current lockdown, examining important measures that Local Authorities have implemented to safeguard livelihoods across our county. Each local authority is responsible for administering essential funds, and our officers here in Northants are working hard to pay out grants to local business. It’s February 2021 and we’re into month two of the latest lockdown. The nature of this pandemic means that things change fast, and all information is correct at time of recording.

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Lateral Flow Device testing

In this episode we discuss COVID-19 community testing - A new locally-led testing service has been set up to test people without COVID-19 symptoms (asymptomatic) in Northamptonshire using lateral flow antigen testing. Gareth Evans discovers how it works, the aim of this testing, and how businesses across the county are getting involved.

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Rose of Northamptonshire Awards

​In this episode we’re celebrating the wonderful people across Northamptonshire who have been awarded with the Rose of Northamptonshire, a special award which recognises the part people have played in supporting others throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Getting back on track

This episode is all about getting back on track, speaking to Northants business owners about their experiences over the last 12 months. We’re off to see coffee shops, caterers and pubs, exploring how the roadmap will allow them to reopen, examining what the “new normal” looks like.

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Coming together for our County's children

This episode looks at how children and young people across our county have been kept safe during the pandemic. We'll hear how foster carers have adapted the way that they care for vulnerable children and young people and we will also look at the role of technology during the pandemic, it's impact on our children's wellbeing and also the benefits. It's clear to see there's a lot of good and inspiring organisations committed to protecting and nurturing children and young people right across Northamptonshire, and after a year of lockdowns and social distancing, these services have never been more needed

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Public Health

This episode looks at the hard work done by teams which contributes to better health right across our county. Gareth Evans will speak to the people across the Public Health Service who are committed to providing better standards of health across the board - We will hear how they're helping tackle addiction, enabling people of all abilities to be more active, and empowering people to become more independent. Collectively these initiatives are making a great impact on our communities, and today we put the spotlight on those services.

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