Test and trace payment support

You could be eligible for up to £500 from the Test and Trace Support Payment if you live in England and meet all the criteria as set out by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).  

Who is eligible?

See full guidance on the Test and Trace Support Payment on the Gov.UK website.

To be considered, you must satisfy the following criteria:


  • have been notified to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or identified as a close contact by the NHS COVID-19 App, or you’re the parent or guardian of a child who has been told to self-isolate
  • have responded to messages received from NHS Test and Trace and completed Contact Tracing providing your contact details and, where you have tested positive, the details of your contacts
  • have a unique 8-digit Account ID provided by the NHS Test and Trace
  • are employed or self-employed
  • are unable to work from home and will lose income as a result
  • are currently receiving Universal Credit and/or Working Tax Credit, income-based Employment and Support Allowance, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit and/or Pension Credit
  • have made a claim within 28 days of the first day of your self-isolation period

This criteria is set by Central Government and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). We are unable to make changes to this criteria.

How to apply

Step 1 - Register with NHS Test and Trace

You will get an email and text message from NHS Test and Trace within one hour. Communication hours are between 7:30 am to 8:30pm.

If you register outside of these hours, there may be a delay in receipt of the email or text message until opening hours resume. Read about what to do if you have not received this email or text.

These messages will include a link which you need to follow to complete your registration with NHS Test and Trace. You must do this while you are still in your self-isolation period. You will not be able to apply for the NHS Test and Trace Support Payment without completing this step.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a final confirmation email and text message from NHS Test and Trace. You will then be subject to the legal obligation to self-isolate.

Register with NHS Test and Trace

Step 2 - Two ways to apply

You can either apply via your local council or via the NHS COVID-19 app.

Apply via your local council

Once you have received this second email or text message with your NHS Test and Trace Account ID, you can apply for the NHS Test and Trace Support Payment from your local council.

Receiving an NHS Test and Trace Account ID does not necessarily mean you will be eligible for the NHS Test and Trace Support Payment (please see eligibility criteria above). Once you have this, you can claim within 28 days from the start of your self-isolation. Your local council may also ask you to provide additional evidence to prove your eligibility.

For more information regarding Test and Trace support payments please visit the Gov.UK website.

Apply in North Northamptonshire

Apply in West Northamptonshire

Apply via the NHS COVID-19 app

To start, select Financial support. This button appears on the home screen of the app when you’ve been told to self-isolate because you’ve been in close contact with someone who has coronavirus.

You’ll be taken to a website which will ask for some information to check if you could be eligible. You’ll need to leave the app to do this. This is because you are anonymous in the app. None of the information you provide will be passed back to the app. The app is designed to protect your privacy and does not know who or where you are.