Complex and challenging behaviours

The Complex Team offer day services to support adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours.

Our in-house sessions are stimulating and engaging, and are designed to work with people on an individual basis to allow for good communication and structure. This makes sure the person is supported through challenging times when they most need it.

We work with professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for the person:

  • good health and well being
  • good mental health
  • developing communication skills
  • developing independence

All of our staff are trained in the PROACT SCIP philosophy which focuses on proactive support rather than reactive.

Service features

  • accessible buses
  • community activities
  • regular trips and outings
  • in-house sessions with various projects

Centres that provide this service

Gladstone Road Resource Centre
Gladstone Road
Northampton NN5 7EJ

01604 752611