Dementia support

Dementia care advice

Northamptonshire Carers and the Alzheimer's Society are the central points of contact for dementia care advice in Northamptonshire.

These two organisations can provide an assessment for you and the person you care for, which can take place by phone, online or face to face in your own home if you prefer. This will look at the individual needs which may include planning for the future, managing a stressful situation, referring on for respite or being signposted to specialist organisations, such as for benefit advice or to receive services and support in your own right.

Other organisations that can provide dementia support

The Dementia Action Alliance brings together organisations across England committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Care UK have a long track record in excellent dementia care. Their aim is to help their clients live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Northamptonshire Libraries have created a Memory Box toolkit.

A memory box is a collection of images, and objects which represent a person’s interests and history. These could be items from key moments in their life, such as a medal or a baby’s wristband or items to represent their home or work life for example a photograph of their street or a work tool.

Creating a memory box for someone diagnosed with dementia can have a range of benefits for both the person with dementia and their relatives.

Care Choices have produced a practical guide to living with dementia. You can request a printed copy.

Northamptonshire Police have a scheme called the 'Herbert Protocol' which can help if a person with dementia goes missing. It gathers all key information about the person that can be shared with national and local agencies.

Northamptonshire Dementia Strategy

The National Dementia Strategy plan defines a shared local dementia strategy for Northamptonshire by Northamptonshire County Council and Nene and Corby Clinical Commissioning Groups.:

The Mental Capacity Act

The Mental Capacity Act came into force on 1 October 2007. It enables a representative of either your choice or someone appointed by the Court of Protection or Department for Work and Pensions to assist you with your finances and other important decisions regarding your welfare.

Request an assessment or review from adult social services

We can give you information, advice and guidance to help you remain independent. Where you may require additional help we can assess you to see if you have eligible needs or to review your current care package.

 How to request an assessment or review