Social and leisure

Details on our activity and skills groups, accessible and equipped for a wide range of people including people with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities and older people.

Pursue your interests

Pursuing our interests out and about in Northamptonshire is something many of us look forward to. Being able to enjoy a day out, try a new activity or just spend quality time with others can make a real difference to our lives.
Our social and leisure wellbeing hubs give people the opportunity to do these things and more. They’re great places to make friends, learn new skills and have fun.

A wide range of people use our activity and skills groups, including people with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities and older people.

Activities chosen by you

When it comes to activities, there’s almost no limit to what our service can offer. Fishing, sailing, karate, trampoline activities and swimming are just a few of the activities we can offer. The list is endless mainly because it is decided in discussions with the people who come to our groups.

Learn new skills

Alongside activities we offer lots of opportunities for you to learn new skills in a sociable, friendly atmosphere. Get the most out of the internet, take better photographs, or learn how to cook delicious, healthy meals.

Let’s go out

We love to organise outings, especially in the summer! Great care and attention is taken to ensure a wonderful experience for you to local attractions, leisure centres, cinemas and shops. We also offer assisted trips to our very own caravan in Skegness.

Right for you

The support we offer in our service is always based on what our customers want so you will always be involved in what you would like to do. If you would prefer not to get involved in a particular activity there’s never any pressure on you to do something and there will always be other activities for you to enjoy.

Our groups are fully accessible and equipped with aids including hoists and ramps. As well as activities, many offer services like hairdressing, chiropody and beauty treatments. You’ll also usually find a range of food and snacks on offer.

To find out more about social and leisure activities contact the following services:

​Gladstone Road Resource Centre
Gladstone Road, Northampton

Tel: 01604 752611
Key contact: Rachel Brownlie

Gladstone Road Resource Centre, Northampton, is a community resource providing support and development opportunities for people with physical and / or sensory impairments. The Resource Centre’s offer support to enhance personal, practical and social skills, wellbeing and maintain links with local disability and learning and development organisations.

​Riverside Resource Centre
Islington Road, Towcester
NN12 6AU

Tel: 07327 359252

Riverside Resource Centre is home to two services provided by Olympus Care Services, LIVE and Social and Leisure.

LIVE – Riverside Resource Centre

The friendly and caring team at LIVE Riverside have created a warm environment with activity rooms and a beautiful outside socialising area. The aim of the LIVE team is to provide unique and personalised support to adults with a disability in order to develop skills, play an active role in the community and access employment. This is achieved through various activities and links to the local community.

Social and Leisure – Riverside Resource Centre

Riverside Resource Centre is a light and open building with spacious rooms and facilities. Riverside provides fun and creative activities and boasts a fully equipped arts and crafts room, sensory room and TV lounge.