Assisted living

Assisted living is a housing-based service, which enables people who live there to access care and support services 24-hours a day.

In assisted living homes you can have your own tenancy agreement with the housing provider. You are assessed as having a housing need by the local district or borough councils.

There is a dedicated staff team to provide services at a level appropriate to your needs. You can still maintain independence and a quality of life in socially rented accommodation. There are specialised facilities such as assisted bathing, dining facilities and accessibility to both communal areas and individual flats.

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Find assisted living options using the Care Services Directory.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The CQC is an independent health and adult social services regulator. Its job is to make sure that the health and social care services offer safe, effective and high-quality care.

All care providers should be registered with the Care Quality Commission – check out their reports and ratings, and ask for customer testimonials.