Meals and nutrition

There are options available to you if you need support with meals, such as online grocery delivery or ordering frozen ready meals.

Sausage and mash

Online grocery delivery

The availability of online shopping makes a great deal of sense for people who want to make their lives that bit easier by not having to travel or walk around a store for their weekly groceries, as well as for people with reduced mobility, or who have problems getting out to a shop on a regular basis.

Virtually all the major UK supermarket chains offer online shopping and delivery services, or a combination of online ordering and 'click and collect'. Below you will find links to all the big UK supermarkets to enable you to start to make your life a little easier:

You can also order frozen ready meals from other companies who will deliver to your door. You can also order meals for certain dietary requirements.

Help with digital skills

Not everyone is familiar with the internet or has access to a computer to enable them to actually do their shopping or banking online. Or they may not have the confidence to do this for themselves.

There are services around such as Barclays Digital Eagles which, in conjunction with Age UK, offers support in a variety of ways to their more mature customers who may not be overly IT confident and would like some extra help.

Helpful advice and guidance is also available for internet shopping, including information about protecting your privacy and internet security: