Become a Shared Lives carer

Do you have time, patience, and a welcoming home to help an adult with care and support needs?

Our Shared Lives carers provide care and support in a comfortable family home environment for adults with learning disabilities, older people and care leavers, enabling them to live life as independently as possible in the community.

Can you make a difference?

We have many different customers who are looking for short and long-term support through the Shared Lives scheme, and we're always looking for new carers in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.

Individuals are very carefully matched with suitable carers who are able to treat them as a member of their family, meet the needs and provide the support that's right for them. We carry out a thorough selection and checking process to make sure Shared Lives carers are the right people for the role.

The Shared Lives service also carries out regular checks to make sure the support provided is appropriate for the customer.

Short breaks or long-term support

We have people that only need a short break or a place to stay for a few days, equally we have others in need of a permanent home.

Assessment, training and support for carers

All Shared Lives carers are carefully assessed, trained and supported to ensure that they receive the help and support they need.

Application process 

  1. The initial assessment process explores why the potential carer wants to join the Shared Lives scheme, what they can offer a customer and how they will help them to live independently and confidently.
  2. Following a successful application, the Shared Lives officers will organise a thorough introduction process for the carer and customer.
  3. Representatives from the Shared Lives scheme will then regularly visit customers and their carers to ensure the relationship is working well and that all parties are happy with the placement.

Financial support

Shared Lives carers are paid according to the type of support they are required to provide to the customer.

Most Shared Lives placements are covered by special tax arrangements with HMRC and many carers do not have to pay income tax on their earnings.

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