​Unlike NHS services, social care and support services are not automatically free of charge for everyone. You will be expected to pay a contribution towards your care and support unless your circumstances show that you cannot afford to do so.

North Northamptonshire

 Find out if you need to pay for care in North Northamptonshire.

West Northamptonshire

See the table below to see how your financial circumstances will affect how your care and support would be funded:

​Amount of savings and investments (capital) you have ​How your care and support would be funded ​Further information
More than £23,250 ​You will need to pay for all of your own care services. You would be referred to as a 'self-funder'. Assessments for your care needs are available through Adult Social services if you need further support. Find out more about paying the full cost of your care
​Less than £23,250 ​The council will assess what your care needs are and what you can afford to pay with consideration for living expenses. As part of the financial assessment process you will need to provide details of all your finances. Request an assessment

Where no financial assessment is needed

If you:

  • have substantial and on-going health needs, you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding towards the cost of your health needs
  • are currently registered under section 117 of the mental health act
  • are in receipt of a DS1500 certificate (for non-residential care only)

then you are entitled to free care and support services and are therefore not required to complete a financial assessment.

Council funding

We will provide funding towards your care costs, provided that:

  • you have been assessed by the council as eligible for funding under the standard national needs eligibility criteria; and
  • you have completed the financial assessment process with the council

The financial assessment process you complete will vary according to the type of care services you are eligible for. This is because different types of care services have different costs.

​Welfare benefits

As part of the financial assessment, the council will offer a welfare benefits review. If the review shows that you are entitled to additional welfare benefits, you will be expected to claim these. The council can provide support with your claim.

More information on benefits you may be able to access is available at GOV.UK - benefits.

You can also use the government benefits calculator to help you work out what you are entitled to:

Cap on care costs

In England, the government have decided to postpone the cap on care costs until April 2020. If implemented, this would limit how much people pay for their care in their lifetime.

What's the cost of care in my area?

The BBC care cost guide can help you to understand the social care system for people aged 65 and over, as well as the costs involved, wherever you live in the UK: